Star Hampshire Dance Weekend Slide Shows

Here is a slide show displaying a sampling of Star Island and the Star Hampshire Traditional Music & Dance Weekend. It gives a sampling of the Star Hampshire weekend. It is arranged roughly in the sequence followed by the weekend: the boat trip, approaching Star Island, glorious evening sunsets, night time on Star Island, sunrise and the wake-up waltz sessions, dancing in Brookfield, a brief tour of the island, the afternoon concerts, afternoon social hour, chapel, supper, and finally the dance on the porch while waiting for the boat; and the ride home. We hope you enjoy it!


About the slide show.

  • Click on any photo to start the slide show, click on the arrows to move around the slide show (the arrow keys on your keyboard may work the same way), and click on the x to close the show.
  • For a brief description of each photo, move the mouse cursor over the photo thumbnail.
  • All photos are by Peter Yarensky unless identified otherwise.




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