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Archival Registration Page ~ Weekend No Longer Happening

Obviously if the weekend isn't happening you can't register for it. Thus the faded text color. I thought the page might be of interest to someone at some point, and also the page has that excellent photo of Patrick's of arriving at Star Island that I didn't want to take down.

This page contains information about registration and related fees as well as the ferry schedule. Important: the information listed here is for 2017; it was never updated in 2018. The 2019 information will be posted when available.

Cancellation Policy

Our Star Hampshire policy differs slightly from the refund/charges outlined in the SIC cancellation policy.

  • Four or more weeks prior to the weekend, the Star Hampshire program fee is fully refundable.
  • Less than 4 weeks prior, we may retain some or all of the program fee.

 Arriving! Photo by Patrick Stevens,Sept. 10, 2004


More Info — Links to the Star Island Corporation web site pages, useful documents, and other interesting information.

Registration (2017; 2018 info TBA)

Register online  anytime, starting January 1, 2019!

  • Fields with a red asterisk are required.  Other fields are optional, but can be helpful for room assignments, food accommodations, etc.
  • We use first and last names on our name tags. Use the name tag field for a preferred first name nickname.
  • Register via mail using the printable form on Star Island Corporation's registration page.



Fees (2017; 2018 info TBA)

Room, Board, & Ferry Rates

Star Island Corporation's (SIC) per person rates for room, board, and ferry (r/b/f) are as follows.

  • Standard shared: $313
  • Standard single: $412
  • Motel unit shared: $382
  • Motel unit single: $536

Program Fee

Star Hampshire conference costs: $90 per person

Other Fees (Optional)

  • Optional purchases include parking, rowboat/kayak use, lobster, auction bids, ice cream cones, souvenirs, etc.
  • Some are payable to SIC; others are paid separately.


The $190 deposit includes:

  • $90 program fee to Star Hampshire
  • $100 r/b/f deposit  which is subtracted from your SIC bill.
  • The balance of r/b/f plus any optional SIC fees are payable on the island.




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